COMCAST Rep Simply Won’t Cooperate

cell phone unlocking in schaumburgI was inspired/moved to do an article recently based on an incredibly bad experience I had with COMCAST business lately. As some of you know, we computer and internet geeks rely on the internet for every single thing that we do in our lives (including fixing all of your broken things). In direct relationship with our lives, we require fast internet to get things down in the quickest amount of time. Lately I had massive problems with an expiring contract through COMCAST and the transition into a new one was nearly hell on earth. In fact we were essentially without internet on 90% of our equipment for an entire week thanks to their screw-ups and we almost waited another week for them to fix it. When they finally showed up a week later to set us up with internet again, they hadn’t even set up or billed the order properly and because they had to change it, it triggered a -$2000 cancellation fee which slowed us down some more! All those experiences probably pale in comparison to the phone call that you’re about to hear below. The following is from a tech blogger and VP of AOL (Ryan Block) who was trying to disconnect his subscription to COMCAST after nine years. The representative wouldn’t take no for an answer. Listen below and see for youself:

Wow, I’m speechless.    


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