How did the iPhone 6S sell in the market?

By now some of your friends are getting their iPhone 6S in and posting up their pictures on FaceInvasion tagging all their friends to show off how cool this phone is. Personally I don’t blame them because it is an awesome phone, but do others feel the same way?

The iPhone 6S sold over 13 million just in launch weekend.

This is the biggest sales of any one retail item in history. Naturally Apple is going to rake in the money on the stock markets but there’s really no end in sight to Apple’s ability to sell a product that people will subscribe to and continuously buy. Apple¬†says that their phone

will be sold in over 130 countries by the end of this year.


The only surprise this year was that people still have money to buy iPhones because their last dual-launch of the original iPhone 6 was tremendously successful. Previously holding the title of the most successful retail product launch in history. I recall the moment when I first heard of the two iPhone 6’s for the first time and thinking it would be a confusing disaster like the iPhone 5C or Apple Maps. Good thing I’m not in the stocks business.

iPhone 6S Repair in Schaumburg

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