Early Galaxy S5 rumors talked of a retina scanner but the finished device used a fingerprint scanner for its biometric security. Now Samsung is teasing the Galaxy Note 4 through its SamsungExynos Twitter account, showing a phablet-like device that focuses on an eye. To the right of that are a list of bills with a pay button.

This hints at PayPal (and similar) integration which allows payments from the Galaxy S5 to be authorized with a fingerprint. But the promo image is clear – the fingers are away from the home button, instead the focus is on the eye.

The tagline of the image is “Unlock the future” so the retina scanner should work for unlocking the device, too. It was Samsung who pioneered another eye-tracking feature – Smart Screen prevents the screen from dimming and locking while you’re looking at it.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a 3.68MP camera (according to AnTuTu), but will it be enough for secure retina scans or will that be handled by a separate sensor all together?

New Galaxy Notes are traditionally unveiled at IFA, this year it starts in at the beginning of September.

Thanks to casualbrowser for sending this in!