Facebook Data Centers

*make sure to check the Microsoft Video at the bottom. After I finished the Facebook part I realized the Microsoft video was much more interesting*

Last week I did an article about Google Data centers but Facebook, being the 2nd most popular website in the world, deserves a look as well. Check it out:

Facebook stores their information with pedabites. This is a really old video but it does demonstrate the scale of what was happening back then. You can imagine how much things have compounded since this was shot and filmed. Here’s an environment for Facebook in Sweden: 

I don’t recommend watching the video all the way through. It’s not structured but it is cool to see how everything looks. I bet it’s really nice to work there.


Facebook Data Centers are cool, but what is the cloud? Actually Data Centers support Clouds and they’re really the same thing. Here’s a better explanation by Microsoft:

Microsoft Data Center. They opened a huge data center in Chicago in 2009. They left the servers in the containers of the trucks they arrived on and engineered solutions around them. (Totally insane). As soon as I saw the people sitting at their desks in Ireland doing Microsoft support chills ran up my spine. I have lost some very valuable time in my life because of their “support team.”