The iPhone 6S is remarkably waterproof

This didn’t make headlines anywhere until now, and if Apple designed this thing to be waterproof they probably would have touted it the same way as Samsung did. For that reason, we’re not going to officially call it waterproof, but check out this video below and you’ll see why we were tempted to give them the honor:

Again, we don’t recommend that you try some of these tests yourself. Sooner or later the pressure of the water will creep into your phone anyways and destroy all those wonderful little circuits which we will have to try to Zombify if you’re ever planning on using that phone again. This is good news for those of us meatheads who do like to sweat up and down all over the gym. You might be surprised but in areas like Schaumburg, most of the iPhone’s that come in for water damage repair are actually from coffee spills and gym sweat (EWWW).

If you are in need of water damage repair for an iPhone in Schaumburg, stop by or visit our Zombie Techs Computer and Cell Phone Repair store in Schaumburg. We’re open 6 days a week and friendly technicians are standing by waiting to bring your technology back to life.