Walt Mossberg covers 40 years of Apple

Sit down with Walt Mossberg to cover Apple’s evolution over the last 40 years. Walt starts by saying that Apple is quite possibly the most influential technology ever invented. He begins the video by covering some of the oldest Apple devices including the keyboard, the first Apple computers, and the iPod. One key observation to note is that Apple throughout time has always opted for simplified connectivity, but Apple is really behind so much more of the computer world. In this video you’ll see a clip of Apple’s computer working with the first ever graphical interface. Apple also developed the touchpad/trackpad like you would find in modern laptops. More importantly Apple was behind the first ever mouse for computers. Walt quickly moves into his favorite device, which he says is the Apple Air. Mossberg goes on to recount what his friendship was like with Steve Jobs and how he was asked directly by Steve to come out and see the first iPod before it was debuted. He said that Steve liked to always keep his devices under cloths right before revealing them, indicating Steve’s love for surprises. Next, he talks about Steve Jobs timely release of the iPhone, which changed the smartphone experience for Americans. It’s cultural revolutions like these that Apple is known for. The iPhone changed the fundamental dynamic for the cell phone industry. Walt in detail says that prior to the iPhone, cellular companies funded and developed phones for their service and sold them to make huge gains. I personally remember those days as the dark ages of the phone industry. Most phones were not even smartphones and were just beginning to develop touch screen interfaces. Most notably, the iPhone featured and AppStore which allowed users to connect to an online marketplace to by software that would improve the average person’s daily life. The trend of having an AppStore has exploded into an enormous software economy which has driven the iPhone to complete market acceptance.


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