Ever wanted to see what an Automated home by Apple looks like?

apple homekitThis is a 30 minute video made by a guy who is in love with home automation. He says his house was built in the 1870’s and he’s got tons of homekit devices that he controls from his Apple gadgets. He starts the video by giving a software tour of some of the apps he uses to regulate all the different home automation devices he has and shows that they’re broken down by room profiles within the apps. He adds that you don’t have to use the manufacturer’s app, you can also take advantage of the HomeKit app that comes built in with iOS10.


Triggers can be set up within the apps so that they activate certain settings when particular conditions are met. For example, if you want your living room to shine ambient earth tones during the morning hours and switch to neon colors at night, you can configure that within triggers. This can also be set with different sets of light strips which you might use outside for the sake of festivity that would change after a certain date or for a certain holiday like Christmas or Halloween. In the video, you’ll see how he uses Siri to turn the lights off around the house just by using a voice command.

Benefits of Home Automation

The home in this video is actually an awesome candidate for some of the advantages of home automation. The home in this video is over a century old so when it was built there was not a lot of thought given to future technology or wiring. In other words you’d have to rip the house apart to wire everything together and this is an area where wireless technology can unify many different aspects of the house and you can use Siri as a remote control. You can also install retracting electronic shades on remote windows around the house that may be hard to reach and control them through HomeKit.


Nest is a product that fully integrates with Apple and Nest is a company that Apple actually purchased just 2 years ago. The 3rd generation of the product allows you to customize programs for heating, cooling, dryness, and long distance remote control. Nest also makes webcams that work as home intruder protection and provide feedback directly to your phone when people are coming and going.

Automated Smart Locks

One of the most exciting features in automated homes are smart-locks. There’s a wide variety of locks on the market place that take advantage of various biometrics and unlocking mechanisms. Many locks are Bluetooth enabled and can also be configured with certain programs that would choose when doors would open and when they would lock. This is also handy for commercial purposes in case an employee gets locked out of the store or in case he doesn’t have a key to lock up as an example. Again, many modern products can offer fully integrated remote control solutions from the comfort of an app on your iPhone, iPad, Macbook, or iPod.

Smart Fans

Though it’s not featured in this video, one of our favorite home automation products is the “smart fan.” The one we linked to features “unparalleled energy efficiency” and can be controlled like other smart products from the touch of a button. These smart-fans also have option LED lights that can be remote controlled and are crafted from a variety of materials. The same company also makes custom garage lights with powerful LED bulbs that can be integrated to come on under a variety of triggers.

Everything you need to know about Apple HomeKit

Expect to see a lot more coming this summer across a variety of products including home appliances and new innovations with accessibility backed by Apple. Tim Cook has recently mentioned in several interviews the importance of home connectivity and accessibility from the comfort of your favorite Apple Devices and iPhones.