Here’s a few tips on saving battery power on your iPhone, iPad.

The battery is probably the worst part about the new iPhone 7 series of phones. I’m not particularly impressed with the battery life on any phones out there because I can’t think of any phone that would last more than a day without a charge. That’s why we’re posting a video above for you including some tips on how to save battery power on your iPhone, iPad. There’s a lot of ways you can disable simple software services that you’re probably not using and gain back tons of power on your iPhone. The way your iPhone comes out of the box, it leaves a lot of Apps enabled that would normally be refreshing in the background and checking for new updates and new versions of apps. It turns out you can turn this functionality off partially or fully so that you can disable these battery hungry monsters.


If you’re not using Siri, definitely consider turning off the “constant listening” feature that comes enabled with Siri. This little piece of functionality is a microphone that always stays on waiting for the moment you say “Hey Siri.” By turning this off you can actually get a significant amount of battery power back on your phone.

Raise to Wake

Did you ever notice that when you pick up your iPhone the screen lights up automatically? Some of us have already gotten used to it but it turns out you can turn this function off. Why would you want to do that? It turns out that the iPhone’s proximity sensor is always on so long as this feature is enabled. It’s using the data it gathers to guess when you’re holding it up and based on that information it will turn your screen on or off. This is a non-essential function that Apple gives you but it’s something you can turn off in order to preserve battery life.