A company called Microdia is making waves

We found out about this company from 9to5mac who apparently found out through CNET. It looks like the company is ramping up a design for a totally unprecedented age of digital storage that will change photography and cell phone usage forever. They’re planning to release a 512GB (1/2 terrabyte) MicroSD card in late July.

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That’s right, the same MicroSD card you’ve been using for your Android smart phones and digital cameras will now support up to 512GB of storage using new design technologies pioneered by the company. This is SD card features the largest capacity we’ve seen yet on the market, resulting in the largest price tag we’ve seen on a MicroSD card in a long, long time. The card is expected to retail around the cost of $500. In reality, this is a fairly meager price for people who actually depend on this type of technology to do their business, like photographers and on-the-go business persons.

For fun, I did some math. The average app size on Android is just 6 MB. So if you pop one of these in your phone, you’ll be able to store approximately 85,333 apps before you run out of space. That’s awesome. Let’s just hope this is real and that Microdia’s release timeline is realistic. It seems like a stretch to me considering SanDisk—a much better-known name in the flash storage space—only just announced a 200 GB microSD card in March of this year.

Quote take from the same link above.


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