Remember the dual-launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and the weeks of associated parodies and foolishness from Samsung and HTC regarding the bending of their new flagship products? Guess who else’s phone just entered the arena with the same exact problem. Where are all the Apple haters now I wonder? I have a feeling they’ll be hiding in the shadows for a little while.


Although the Galaxy S6 Edge’s pressure limits are comparable to the iPhone 6 Plus’ testing, the Galaxy’s screen ended up cracking under the pressure instead of slightly bending similar to Apple’s plus-size iPhone model. The HTC One M9 lasted further than its two competitors, reaching 120 lbs of pressure, but the phone was rendered useless thanks to a faulty power button following the pressure test. Testing to the point of “catastrophic failure”, the iPhone 6 Plus survived 179 lbs of pressure, beating out the Galaxy S6 Edge’s 149 lbs stress test. As SquareTrade points out, the Galaxy’s stress tests proves the phone could be worse for users due to the smartphone’s screen cracking under intense pressure.


Say what you will but something tells me that from now on every phone is going to get bend and pressure tested by post-consumer 3rd parties.

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