DisplayMate is in love with the iPad Pro

For those who don’t know, DisplayMate is a corporation built around evaluating and determining what should be the standards of excellence for image and picture quality. As it happens, they’re in love with the new iPad Pro and say that the marks of a great tablet are “truly innovative and top performing displays.” The iPad Pro even beats out top competitor displays like the Samsung Galaxy tablets (yes, all of them) and the Microsoft Surface tablet family. The iPad pro comes in 2 versions, a 9.7 inch display and a 12.9 inch display. This article will cover some of the comparisons between the iPad Pro 9.7-inch display and the iPad Air 2.

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What makes the iPad Pro so special?

The iPad Pro is special because it takes advantage of technologies which consumers might expect to find in really high end 4k and beyond television technologies. That means photographers and film enthusiasts can take advantage of an unprecedented pixel density which has the ability to project the darkest dark spots on a screen and lightest light spots better than any tablet ever has. The tablet is so powerful in fact that it’s creating new space in the Apple gaming market for developers to take advantage of higher end graphics. Just imagine playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on your iPad in a year or two. Apple has made a tablet that does all this and still works at the same power efficiency as the iPad Air 2 by using a lower refresh rate when viewing pictures that don’t move. Take a look at this chart comparison found at 9to5mac¬†which summarized the best qualities between the iPad Air 2 and the new iPad Pro.


You can find a more detailed breakdown at this link thanks to DisplayMate.

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