Beats by Apple

In a word, Beats is ambiguous. We mean by that to say that Beats headphones have observably prioritized style over quality in the high end premium headphone market. From a business standpoint it’s an extremely bold move because we know that manufacturing something that looks beautiful is easier than engineering the future of sound quality and maintaining the beautiful, resonating, and distinct audio qualities that keep audiophiles motivated to explore their territory. Some tech products, this being a prime example, survive because of the culture behind it. You could say the same for aftermarket automotive parts or even the niche of automotive sounds. So what makes Beats headphones so ambiguous?

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So what’s the problem?

Up until now, beats has been marketed as a stylistic attachment to the modern and enterprising individual. Beats represents a devotion to music and it’s strong backing by Dr. Dre in the market until has made explosive waves in the industry; so explosive in fact that it was impossible for audiophiles not to hate it. Why would an audiophile hate something beautiful backed by a leading influential musician? The answer is clear to anyone who’s ever compared premium headphones along with the Beats over the ear and plug series of headphones. In short, they lack quality and substitute as of recently true bass sounds with electronic motors that shake your ears to give you the impression of bass which devalues the quality of the music for those who are interested in the raw and distinguished power of bass. In addition, they consume a lot of battery power and completely subverting┬áthe premium experience of listening to flashy “tech-cessory”┬ástatus symbol.

What’s Apple doing to make this better?

A trusted source has recently announced that Apple has refreshed their commitment to music with their recent 3 billion dollar acquisition of the Beats company. Using their technical engineering prowess and uninhibited spending patterns, Audiophiles everywhere are eager to see how Apple will revise this product from a styling piece into what it was originally meant to be. Well, let’s see what happens because there are smart competitors like Master & Dynamic which are quickly invading the style space with an already powerful audio experience. Says the founder of Master & Dynamic:

The niche that Jonathan Levine, the company’s founder and CEO, saw was that Beats had blown open a massive market, but left a huge hole between premium headphones that prioritized style and those that focused on audio quality. Master & Dynamic seeks to wed design and quality in a way that attracts both audiophiles and users who wear their headphones as an accessory.

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