Apple’s 12″ ULTRA Slim Notebook

Thinner and larger seems to be a recurring theme with Apple’s design and development team. This week rumors are bouncing around the net of a brand new type of notebook based on the Macbook air that would have a fan-less design (very scary) and aluminum body with a 12″ diagonal screen. We pulled this quote down from macrumors confirming these beliefs:

A source familiar with Apple’s plans describes the 12 inch Macbook Air as having a noticeably thinner design, the source wouldn’t give dimensions however noted that the thinner design may sacrifice the standard USB port and Apple will move to the reversible USB Type C with this product, It is assumed Apple will include an adapter in the box for backwards compatibility.

Based on information obtained, we suspect that the macbook will feature the brand new USB C reversible face. See a detailed picture below. This is meant to be the standard for all small platform devices not using bluetooth but taking advantage of hardline connections in the future. Apple is rumored to be working on integrating this technology into all of their Apple Family products starting with all mobile devices (potentially including future iPads and iPhones as they become more and more powerful). There are also rumors about a new Broadwell Core-M processor which will be so thermally efficient that it could be operated under stress at length without a fan. Currently we’re anticipating a 2015 product launch around June. Look out for updates at the spring Keynote conference when this product will be revealed.

sources: Macrumors

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