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The iPhone 6 and 6+ launched back in September which now feels like a year ago. Since then the consumer intelligence research partners have had their antennas up gathering information about how these two products were selling. The facts are that Apple has never dual-launched an iPhone before September and in consideration of how successful the device manufacturer has become, it’s was too interesting to resist investigation. What we did know (if you’ve been following our blog) up to this point is that Apple has been dominating in the higher end smart phone market where SAMSUNG seeks to remain a rival force. Alas, Apple is still leading the pack beating out any two or even 3 competitors combined with it’s sales. We also know that the numbers of Apple’s initial sale of the iPhone 6 were not only staggering but also that Apple retained an enormous amount of users who had been using earlier versions of the iPhone and chose to stay with Apple by upgrading. But which model of the two was the most successful and why?

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Most of the increase in share for the new models since the initial launch period has come from the iPhone 6, which saw an increase of six percentage points to 68 percent, while the iPhone 6 Plus remains at around 23-24 percent of purchases, despite both facing high demand during their initial launch.

The 3:1 ratio favoring the iPhone 6 over 6 Plus has come down slightly from early adoption rate data, but as highlighted by Apple’s Greg Joswiak last month, the true balance of customer interest won’t be known until production constraints, which more heavily affect the iPhone 6 Plus, are resolved. The balance will also vary significantly by country, with customers in Asian countries tending to prefer larger screens than those in other countries.

What a great insight! Especially at the end, that Asian countries prefer phones with larger screens, possibly due to the sheer appeal of the SAMSUNG Note series of phones. At any rate, it’s clear that the iPhone 6 model was far more successful in sales up to this point, even in consideration of production issues and “bending” on the part of the 6+.

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source: Macrumors