No headphone jack for you, iPhone 7

We’ve been hearing about this rumor all weekend when it first popped up on Gizmodo and looking into an article on Mashable we found out that this rumor comes from Japan. You’re probably thinking the same thing we are: Why would they remove the headphone jack?

Why would Apple want to do this?

The idea we keep hearing is to save 1 whole millimeter of space to make the iPhone 7 that much thinner and they’re relying on the new 7-series aluminum to prevent bending. It’s too soon to say for sure whether or not this rumor is too but all sources point to the fact that Apple will remove the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Are they replacing it with something else?

Naturally we’ve heard a lot of rumors about the technology coming to the iPhone 7. In place of the speaker jack could be a new type-C USB port. Apple is quickly adopting wider compatibility measures and we’ve seen those ideas reinforced with the latest Macbook, Macbook Air, and the iPad Pro.

How are we supposed to listen to music?

The first answer that comes to mind is to get a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Unfortunately that answer doesn’t work for anybody who loves an uninterrupted listening experience. The problem with bluetooth headphones is that the sound quality is extremely poor unless you’re willing to spend a fortune on some proper headphones ($300 and up). That doesn’t work for people who prefer to listen to music instead of the sound of treadmills at the gym. As it happens, Apple does have a full line of Beats headphones by Apple to make your decision quick in case you’re planning to go wireless. Another problem with bluetooth heaphones is the short battery life. I personally think that Apple will offer something along the lines of a headphone that plugs into your lightning port with “better audio” or something along those lines. If the rumors of the disappearing headphone jack are true, prepare to see the world change.


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