What’s going to happen to computer parts and repair

If you live in San Francisco Bay area we know two things about you: 1, your computer and cell phone repair life changes bi-weekly as stores open, close, innovate, and as manufacturers step in to reclaim more business for themselves. The other thing we know about you is your probably don’t read blogs about Chicago-based companies. What’s the future going to look like for repair shops like us? We’ve seen some businesses turn into blogs like iFixit, others have moved to just fixing stuff off of eBay and reselling it. Well, it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen as manufacturers become better at designing products and offering more competitive return/exchange/repair plans. Where companies like ours have made our mark is on staying ahead of everyone in terms of pricing, repair ability, and techniques. A lot of massive corporate chains are held back by the tools they use. So what are other companies doing to stay ahead? Leading economics advisors suggest that the market will move away from warehouse big-box stores like Best Buy and Walmart and seek out smaller boutique stores that will offer trendy products that consumers want. In other words, the boutique of the future is the going to feed your subscription to whichever fashion or technology trend you’re into, and their ability to provide that to you in a way that’s easy and reliable will determine their success.

One company in San Francisco has found a way to work WITH Apple to just offer the transportation service between them and you. In other words if you order a product in a zip code that this company delivers to, you can get your Apple products delivered to your home same-day in many cases (WOW!). You can read the full article here.

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