T-Mobile’s network continues to advance greatly in the last year. Searching in the results discovered within the Quickest Mobile Systems report from earlier this year made the advance incredibly obvious. And not just that, we’ve been receiving news of 2G to 4G upgrades, LTE network enhancements and VoLTE going live in many metropolitan areas across the nation. And gradually, but surely, RootMetrics’ own reviews are beginning to exhibit the outcomes of the work too.

In the newest set of Chicago, the Windy City’s own company performance scores show T-Mobile in very favorable light, tying with Verizon in first place having a RootScore of 98.3. The very best 4 service providers were rated the following:

1 – T-Mobile (98.3)

1 – Verizon (98.3)

3 – AT&T (97.3)

4 – Sprint (93.3)

For individuals not aware, the RootMetrics reviews base their overall RootScore on speed and reliability. Not surprisingly, T-Mobile’s lightning-fast LTE finished the surface of the pile having a speed index score of 94.5. Verizon, AT&T and Sprint were second, 3rd and fourth correspondingly. But, as RootMetrics’ Boss Bill Moore states, “speed is meaningless should you can’t connect with your network.” Reliability is essential to making certain the network will get a powerful overall score, and T-Mobile’s network obtained 99.4 around the reliability index, with AT&T and Verizon on 99.7.

As you can tell, there is little between your service providers when it comes to reliability. Sprint also handled a decent reliability score of 97.. T-Mobile’s was the quickest, and shut to to be the most dependable network in Chicago.

Median upload and download speeds by network

T-Mobile: 18.9 Megabyte per second download/11.5 Megabyte per second upload

Verizon: 18.9 Megabyte per second download/10.1 Megabyte per second upload

AT&T: 10.7 Megabyte per second download/12. Megabyte per second upload

Sprint: 7.4 Megabyte per second download/3.7 Megabyte per second upload

For any full breakdown around the findings, mind on to RootMetrics’ full report. Because of the positive findings by the organization this time around around, I doubt it’ll be lengthy before Legere&Co. begin using RootMetrics’ leads to promote Magenta’s network performance.

Source: Digital Journal