Computer Virus Breakdown

I don’t remember where I found this but it’s an awesome picture diagram demonstrating what infections look like around the world in terms of computer-viruses. If you don’t know exactly what a virus is, you could define it as a piece of software designed to be downloaded into your computer and cause damage to your operating system or your experience using Windows. Windows largely is susceptible to viruses due to the fact that it’s code is very heavily segmented and fragmented and therefore easy to manipulate. Never the less this illustration can give you a real world idea of what infections look like around the world and who are the primary targets. Many viruses these days are designed to get a credit card out of you for the purposes of identity theft or to get you to pay for the removal of that infection. We will never sponsor paying to get rid of an infection at Zombie Techs and want to remind you not to give out your personal information online to sites or vendors that are not trustworthy.
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