Slo Mo on the iPhone 6

The iPhone 5s gave us Slo Mo video capture, where images are recorded at 120 FPS (Frames Per Second) and then played back at 30 FPS. But now the iPhone 6 offers Super Slo Mo, which captures 240 FPS. This will allow for some incredible action videos. I played with this new feature at my daughter’s softball game and was able to analyze her swing and running essentially in real time. This could be a great boon to coaches and athletes, not to mention a lot of fun! Here’s how to use it:

1. Select Slo-Mo Mode

Open the camera app and swipe to select Slo-Mo mode by bringing it to the center and then tap the red shutter button.

2. Start Recording Early

There will be some lag between when you press record and when your iPhone starts recording. For the best effect, leave some extra time before the real action begins. I started recording the action when the pitcher threw the ball but I often missed the hit.

3. Choose Where in the Video Slo-Mo Starts and Ends

The beginning and end of Slo-Mo clips can be played back in real time, leaving just the middle part to be in slow motion. Open the recorded video and adjust the sliders at the top to determine when to start and stop the slow motion. And of course, with iMovie on the iPhone or Mac, you can easily edit the source material into a polished action film!

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