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Zombie Techs are the leading providers for SIMPLE Mobile service in Schaumburg and the Northwest Suburbs. Featuring fast, local, and reliable service, SIMPLE Mobile is the fastest and most affordable cellular service available in the Northwest Suburbs. Call 847-348-0264 or stop by our store to learn more about SIMPLE Mobile.

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How does Simple Mobile work in terms of coverage around Schaumburg and the Northwest Suburbs. Most users report that because the signal for Simple Mobile originates from existing T-Mobile signals, the coverage is reported to be very similar. Therefore most users who are currently taking advantage of T-Mobile service and thinking about switching, will find little to no difference in the signal range. Does Simple Mobile data work as fast as the data on the T-mobile network? As a matter of fact, we have personally tested Simple Mobile on the premises of our store and recorded speeds of between 2 mbp/s and 8 mbp/s. While we are not going to claim that these reported speeds are universal, we have successfully validated them in Schaumburg. These speeds are competitive with most major carriers that offer 4g service. One important thing to note though is the difference in capacity between Simple Mobile and other wireless data providers. Primarily, while SIMPLE mobile states that unlimited service is offered, most plans cap out in terms of data between 2-3 gigs which is important to be aware of. Some clients have reported that breaking this data cap to excess could result in the cancellation of that mobile plan. Consider joining now, there’s never been a better time.

SIMPLE Mobile service takes advantage of GSM-T frequencies (the same as T-Mobile) and the coverage map is huge. Service is affordable and fast including 4g speeds + unlimited talk and text for $40/month. Find out what our users are saying locally about SIMPLE Mobile below:

“The service is great. I switched over from T-Mobile because I was paying too much, SIMPLE Mobile is the exact same thing but I save about $50 every month.” 

-Tony L, Streamwood

“WOW, I should have done this a long time ago. The service is unbeatable for the rate. It’s really good.”

-Mark S, Cary

“I bought this service for my daughter because she needs a mobile phone now but I’m not about to pay $100 extra a month for AT&T. Turns out SIMPLE Mobile is actually great for everything she needs. I’m going to switch over as soon as my contract runs out. SIMPLE Mobile will literally cut your costs in half.”

-Jim S, Barrington

Optional Plan Extras: $10/month for “International Flexibility Plan”†

Network Operators: T-Mobile and other small networks GSM (Coverage Map)

Compatible Phones: Any T-Mobile Phone or an Unlocked GSM Phone*

†International calling and texting available to select destinations which are subject to change at any time. Up to 10 unique international numbers per 30-day period is allowed which will reset when you refill your account. For personal use only. $10 Pay-As-You-Go funds will remain valid for up to 30 days following an account deactivation date with a maximum life of 180 days on an active account. For a complete list of countries and rates, visit Simple Mobile International Calling

*Please note phone must be compatible with 1700 or 1900/AWS band in order to achieve 3G/4G/LTE Speeds

Featuring phones and factory unlocking for your favorite Apple iPhones and devices, we can turn most devices into SIMPLE Mobile devices. Call or stop by our store to take advantage of these great savings today. For these are more great offers on Simple Mobile in Schaumburg, call the experts at

Zombie Techs
831 E Algonquin Rd
Schaumburg, IL 60173