You are able tohave the ability toYou’ll be able toYou mightYou can mind to AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular and pick-in the 5.1-inch phone on your own.

The normal going rate having a two-year contract is $199. Off-contract, you are able tohave the ability toyou’ll be able toyou mightyou can nab the Universe S5 for $650, while certain service providers offer payment per month plans through early upgrade programs.

I will be such as the variations between stated service providers within this evaluation shortly, but we have also divided where you’ll get the S5 and also the various plans offered okay here.

Still evaluation below …

The Samsung Universe S5 could be based on a word: evolution.

Your camera has developed to provide clearer, faster button snaps. The fitness-monitoring capabilities from the S5 are enhanced within the Universe S4 by packing inside a more effective S Health application along with a devoted hrm around the rear. A fingerprint scanner increases the most dependable Universe phone available.

Battery is bigger, the screen bigger and better, the processor faster and also the design changed.

The spec sheet certainly does not allow it to lower: a couple.5GHz quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, a 2800mAh (detachable) battery, 16/32GB of memory (with as many as 128GB extra through microSD), among the world’s most vibrant screens which has been extended to five.1-inches and added biometrics.

Samsung Universe S5 evaluation

However, it’s difficult to suggest to 1 stick out feature which will carry the prospective user once they handle the Universe S5 the very first time.

To a lot of, that will not matter, as Samsung’s built an admirer-base that just Apple rival, along with a number is going to be obtaining the brand new Universe with no second thought over whether or not this competes adequately using its rivals.

Cost-smart, if you are shocked by the price of the Samsung Universe S5 then you need not necessarily been having to pay focus on the prior flagship models. It’s really just a little less expensive than previous years, arriving around $650.

As you are able tohave the ability toyou’ll be able toyou mightyou can imagine contract offers are flying everywhere right now, however the Universe S5 has been offered for any near identical cost towards the HTC One M8 and also the apple iphone 5S more or less a couple of dollars.

The texting round the launch from the Universe S5 was that Samsung had took in towards the customers and called lower the gimmicks, focusing rather on why is a phone special towards the consumer.

It guaranteed a “fashionable” and “fashion” design, a camera that actually works in the manner you’d would like it to and strength through being water-resistant.

So let us take a look at among the key questions that Samsung required to answer using the Universe S5: Could it be adequate inside a market that’s becoming saturated with decent high-finish mobile phone models?

Samsung Universe S5 evaluation

The straightforward answer, in the second you possess it within the hands, isn’t any: The look simply is not to the same level as the kind of Apple and HTC. Measuring only a small sector from the story though, and beneath the hood Samsung has ongoing its play of stuffing all of the latest specs in and optimizing them in ways that does not suck lower tons of battery.

Is that this phone sufficiently good to keep Samsung fighting with Apple towards the top of the sales charts? Yes, but that is mostly with the impressive marketing machine that comes in every territory. Samsung needs this is the last phone that comes with your design language – the Universe S6 must be the beginning of the modern for that South Korean company, something to provide customers real lust for a way it appears.

Significantly, it seems like there’s hardly any to shout about using the Universe S5 – but possibly that’s no damaging factor for any brand which was charged with getting pointless innovation with last year’s model.


I have always performed it safe when speaking about the style of a Samsung phone. The Universe S2, the brand’s first large hitter, is made mostly of plastic but still was our very couple of 5 star phones, in the end.

Nevertheless, every year, Samsung has unsuccessful to create out something which wows in which the relaxation from the competition has witnessed this like a key battleground.

HTC may be the leader here using the metal unibody style of the main one M8, and Apple has maintained its position in the sharp finish of design since the launch from the apple iphone 4.

Samsung Universe S5 evaluation

Happy like a phone in dirt

Sony’s efforts using its Z range have culminated within the industrially designed Xperia Z2, as well as Nokia continues to be toying with aluminum to create things feel a bit more premium.

All this makes me curious: Exactly why is Samsung declining to own customers the things they want…namely, metallic chassis?

Samsung Universe S5 evaluation

It’s plastic, not metal

You will find a couple of achievableachievableachievablepossibleprobable reasons: price of manufacture might be excessive, especially in the volume Samsung spits them out at Samsung loves to keep things lighter waterproofing having a metal spend might have been more difficult.

However, none of those arguments really holds water, given Apple will the same goes with a metallic phone, balanced mobile phone models are superior to lighter ones and Sony’s Xperia Z range has combined metal and water with no problem.

Samsung Universe S5 evaluation

A vibrant and obvious screen

The Samsung Universe S5 is really a more solid phone compared to Universe S4, that’s without a doubt, and appears more well-packed because of the broader back and also the grippier, pock-marked battery cover.

However, it does not seem like a leading edge smartphone. It appears more similar to the merchandise of the Universe Note 3 and also the S4, using the metal-effect band round the outdoors unconsciously making me look for an S Pen.

The trunk from the phone is not something which wows either. As I think the evaluations to some adhering plaster really are a little cruel, it will share a far more “medical” feel, mainly in the whitened color.

Samsung Universe S5 evaluation

Gold, whitened, black and blue

Nowhere and copper choices are more appealing, but nonetheless do not have anywhere close to the benefit of the kind of the HTC One M8.

Samsung Universe S5 evaluation

Whitened is especially uninspiring, searching quite medical

Using the bigger screen aboard, Samsung’s still handled to help keep things well compared. Even though the chassis is bigger, it isn’t unmanageably so, although if you are originating from an apple iphone, you will probably find it just a little challenging progress.

Individuals which have formerly been fans from the Samsung Universe range before will discover a lot to love here though. The house button – which now houses the fingerprint scanner, remember – is solid and simple to press, and also the energy key remains around the right-hands side from the phone, elevated slightly and incredibly simple to hit.

Samsung Universe S5 evaluation

The screen is obvious even just in daylight

Exactly the same could be stated from the volume key around the right, although because the phone has elevated tall I discovered it just a little harder to get at el born area after i wished to alter the level on music when walking along.

Among the key changes towards the Universe S5 is always that it is water-resistant, with IP67 rating meaning you are able tohave the ability toyou’ll be able toyou mightyou can dunk it in water for a short period, although floating around by using it is not advised.

It is also dust resistant too, making the uncovered earphone port even more impressive because it helps make the S5 much simpler to make use of without needing to pull open a flap to hear some tunes.

Samsung Universe S5 evaluation

Water and mud cover is difficult to spread out

The USB 3. connection – that will look odd with a, but is identical utilized in the Universe Note 3 to provide more energy rapidly while still permitting standard microUSB cables for use – is included to facilitate this IP rating, and it is just a little stiff to obtain off.

The groove to obtain your nail directly into open it really isreally quite small, and may be the only factor that irks individuals searching to get hold of the very best Universe phone and do not care much about this being waterproof.

The capacitive buttons still flank the house key as before, but they are slightly different now. Gone may be the menu key, changed through the multi-tasking button that appears to become Google’s new favorite in Android 4.4.

Samsung Universe S5 evaluation

The capacitive buttons happen to be tweaked. You are able tohave the ability toYou’ll be able toYou mightYou can still make use of this because the menu key having a lengthy press, however it does not work without effort and also the distance in the right-hands side, in which the right-handed will mainly get their numbers, is a touch too much.

It’s not necessarily a bad system though, and the existence of an actual home button, while less necessary than ever before, still provides welcome tactility.

Another large design win Samsung still keeps using the Universe S5 is really a detachable battery. Chiefly for satisfaction nowadays, since battery existence is really good around the S5, but when you are concerned about failure then this is an excellent option.

Additionally, it means the ugly FCC regulation stamp could be hidden from view, and also you will not require a SIM tool to obtain your card out – plus it’s simpler to play a sd card too.

Samsung Universe S5 evaluation

Muddy water still got within the coverage, although not in to the port. The coverage does produce slight reason to be concerned considering it from the water-resistant perspective, as possible difficult to make certain all of the clips are safely attached when nipping it back on.

An alert message does come on the screen to help remind you of the, but it will take a few passes to make certain it’s totally fixed on.

Should you look underneath the battery cover, you are going to observe that battery remains safe and secure with a tight ring of rubber – if you have just dunked it in water, it is a little disturbing to determine just how much fluid is incorporated in the phone already…however this appears to become fine.

Used to do worryingly notice some grit experienced the house key, but after a couple of hours it appeared to dislodge itself, even though it does not cause me to feel think this phone is actually that dustproof.

Samsung Universe S5 evaluation

Use it gemstones, drizzle it in water. It will be fine.

Overall, the style of the Samsung Universe S5 will probably be the region that receives probably the most critique, and permanently reason.

It does not command reasonably limited feel within the hands like a lot of other high-finish phones available on the market, even though many will indicate how strong and-quality the thermoplastic used is, still it pales as compared to the competition.

Yes, it’s lighter and most likely more hard-putting on (you are a smaller amount prone to require a situation using the Universe S5, for example) but this is actually the greatest discomfort point for Samsung and it is one which it must improve using the Universe S6.