Samsung is not giving up: the Galaxy Note5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Release Date

Starting the 21st of August Samsung is making available their two new flagship products. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and the Galaxy Note5. Samsung has been making a big push with their internal mobile technology to reconcile their disadvantage against Apple’s iOS platform. They’re now working closer than ever with Google to create an app space that offers a more immersive experience and technology that can do more. A big push from both companies fighting over the last year has definitely been over lifestyle trends. Apple and Samsung with Google are in a position today to affect the daily lives of more than half of Americans just in the way that we are using our phones. Smart phones have become a critical playground for both youths and adults to explore the internet and the world around them as they move through the various stages of their lives. With that in mind Samsung created the first Galaxy Edge phone to give the user an improved sense of operation to draw them into the Samsung market. Now they’ve reimagined what the phone really is after talking to focus groups after product release and hearing feedback from clients to push the phone for mobile businesses like Uber drivers and other independent contractors who work and earn money off of their phones. Apple is a few steps ahead by partnering with IBM last year to create a business productivity space and influence that hasn’t actually been released yet, but Samsung is relying on Google to provide the answers for competing against Apple in this space. says that Tuong Nguyen (a principal analyst at Gartner says the dual release of these phones is “likely to cause an uproar in the tech community.”

The Galaxy S6 Edge +

The Galaxy Note5

The Samsung Galaxy Note5 is is both larger and heavier in contrast with the Galaxy S6 Edge +. Both devices have brand new 16 megapixel cameras for the rear and 5 megapixel for the front. Both devices offer 4k filming and now live-stream to YouTube in full HD (more to come on that in later articles). The new Exynos processor touted as the battery live savior for Samsung is said dramatically impact the battery usage that many Samsung users are currently complaining about all over the internet. On a side note, Samsung is offering a competitive alternative to rather unpopular Apple Pay system by delivering their own NFC electronic wireless payment system which is available with both phones. The move to release these phones a month before Apple releases the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6+s is seen by many as a preemptive marketing ploy designed to impact Apple sales. Based on information we reported last year during the extremely successful dual-release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+, this year’s release is expected to be another slam dunk for the smartphone company.

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