As you know, we’re in the business of fixing computers, tablets, cell phones, and other electronics including Apple family products. We currently repair all iPhone and iPad models but today we’re announcing a price reduction for iPhone 5C screen replacements. We now perform iPhone 5c screen replacement for $109.99; as a reminder, we replace┬áiPhone 5 screens for just $99.99. Questions/comments? Feel free to post them in the section below.


Does it take long to replace my screen? Not at all, provided we’re not backed up, most screen replacement services can be as quick as 15 minutes while you wait.
What forms of payment do you accept? We accept cash, credit card, and check with a valid driver’s license.
How long do you warranty your work? While we don’t warranty the screens themselves, we do warranty our service for 28 days after you pick up your product. That means if there was a defect in workmanship we will redo the service.

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