Tips for Protecting your iPhone

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Summer is here, which means partying, outgoing, and visiting of beaches and places of fun/recreation outside. These things are great but they can be dangerous environments for your phones. Zombie Techs wants to remind you to take extra care of your phones this summer and below are a few tips on how to do that.

Tip #1.

Get a protective casing. iPhones and other popular smart phones are susceptible to water damage like any other electronics. If you’re out on/by the water often then buying a waterproof casing is widely considered to be a practical investment. Some cases, like lifeproof cases offer certain degrees of protection against scenarios where your phone might get wet or have water spilled on it. If you’re not around the water but maybe you’ve become more active playing sports outside, consider getting a rubber or gel casing for your phone. The shock absorbing features of such cases is a great way to protect your iPhone from unexpected drops onto hard surfaces. It’s especially important to get such cases for iPads. Screen repairs can be expensive across certain models of phones and tablets. If your screen does however get smashed, you can count on the Zombie Techs for your screen replacement needs.

Tip #2.

Avoid costly warranties on new tech purchases. At Zombie Techs we deal with people every day who wonder if they should have purchases the warranty for their product or not. In most cases it’s always cheaper to have your phone and electronics fixed by a local repair shop than to send it away for warranty repair or take risks with a refurbishment/replacement plan. Many of our customers come to us with a product that they’ve received from a replacement program that cost them several hundred dollars only to find out that they received a refurbished product from the company they dealt with and when it broke, it wasn’t covered because their original warranty was fulfilled. Keep in mind, most companies only stand behind their products for a year, if you want them to stand behind it longer, you have to pay insurance on it forward to the company and if you don’t use it, they still keep your money. As the cost of technology is driven down, it also drives down the cost of replacement parts which means that manufacturers are also making money off of you a second time. Independent computer and cell phone repair companies can usually pass on the cost benefits similar to what a manufacturer would have but at a better price with a higher quality and more personalized service as computer and cell phone repair companies strive to earn recognition for jobs well done.

Tip #3.

Avoid contracts. If you’re travelling overseas as many do during this time of year, you’re like to purchase an upgraded phone which is still in contract. This can be troubling for some because most of the phones are locked to the default carrier of the United States and may not extend unlocking to certain phones or will refuse service to you at all. Be sure what you’re ¬†getting into because users complain about situations like these when when travelling from the United States to Mexico or Canada.

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