You could soon be trading Pokemon on your Smart Phone

Nintendo announced on Tuesday that it has partnered with Japanese mobile game maker DeNA to jointly develop games for smartphones, tablets and PCs, meaning that new titles based on iconic franchises such as Mario, Pokemon and Zelda could soon be available on devices such as iPhone, iPad and Mac. Nintendo will purchase a 10% stake in DeNA for $182 million as part of a cross-shareholding deal, according to The Wall Street Journal.


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Why did Nintendo hold off for so long?

So now you know. Nintendo is FINALLY going full steam into smart phones. Seems like an obvious move for Nintendo right? As it happens there’s actually a huge list of reasons why Nintendo has held off for so long. For instance Nintendo has their own line of hand held electronics that they’re interested in marketing as opposed to sharing revenue with Apple. Also they’d have to reprogram or create a programmable sandbox using Apple software to get their games running. This means hiring a whole team of programmers to help with development and make it work.

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What does this mean for us?

It means we’re gonna be playing legend of Zelda soon on our iPhones!

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