Clean technology will be evolving at an unprecedented scale

The Paris Climate Deal is a landmark in the history of our planet. It is a time when all major powers of the earth assembled in Paris to hold discussions on how best to change the course of the earth to protect it’s valuable resources. What came out of the talks is a deal that is like the equivalent of nuclear disarmament in terms of carbon and greenhouse gas production on the part of the state. The above video describes the upcoming conditions of drought in California particularly as a result of reckless greenhouse gas emissions. America had an opportunity like France to take on an enormous amount of nuclear power production for the sake of energy but appears to have let those ideas go in favor of 0 emission energy structures. A good example of those is detailed in the video like floating wind and solar farms for example. The transformation is going to be so dramatic that it’s likely we can become fully energy independent by the end of this century. Graphene-based batteries like those being manufactured in Sparks, NV by Tesla are likely to become commonplace household necessities. Wind and solar energies are poised to take over the United States and also be used to deliver Wifi around the United States and blanket us with affordable internet. As these changes take place, how is your cell phone likely to evolve to meet the times? Will we see bio-fuels come in to play?

Photo: Altaeros Energies

Photo: Altaeros Energies

Floating wind turbines are currently going to be tested in Alaska. A detailed article on the matter can be found at can supposedly withstand winds of up to 80 miles per hour and can adjust themselves to higher altitudes to avoid calamity. Wind’s are also stronger and more consistent at higher altitudes which means that turbines like these should offer a much stronger return on the energy they can produce. This departure from traditional wind turbines also means that we’ll be able to move such turbines around all over the world for the sake of channeling energy to new places.

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