Are you ready for the future?

Apple developers are working hard on releasing a new app called HomeKit which will basically turn your phone into a remote control for things around your home which normally would be devoid of digital access. Examples of such things are key-locks, garages, appliances, thermostats, and so much more. As it stands right now you’ll probably need an Apple TV to interact with your devices kind of like a wireless router would interact with all your computers and cell phones. The good news is that companies like Schlage, GE, and Belkin are all onboard for the upcoming homekit integration into their devices.

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Is it safe?

There are rumors circulating that you could possibly share your devices control information with other phones or send tokens around which would grant limited functionality to your home. As a result there would be a way to mine your tokens and passwords.

We’re expecting to learn more form the upcoming developers conference in San Francisco. As usual, we’ll keep you posted with all the cool Apple and Samsung tech news. Don’t forget, for all of your home computer repair needs, contact Zombie Techs in Palatine. We now repair iPads, iPhones, and so much more.

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