Big things are coming to the iPhone 7

Its been a rocky year for Apple as their profits tanked for the first time in 10 years memory but what many people have failed to realize is that Apple has begun working on an electric car and they’ve also upped research and development spending to it’s highest levels ever. Take a look at this image found on Macrumors:

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The most likely reason for this spending is that Apple is pivoting themselves away from being just a handheld device company and going full blast into the world of electric vehicles. We’re eagerly waiting to hear more about this but all trends are pointing skyward towards electric cars with Apple. Some users are upset that Apple is moving into cars but Apple has stated many times before that they’re committed to the handheld device experience that Apple offers with the iPhone, iPad, and also the Macbook family of products. As for development on the iPhone 7, we may be soon holding iPhones with rounded “edge-to-edge” screens.

Edge to Edge screen for the iPhone 7?

First of all, what is an “edge to edge” screen? The concept picture below represents the idea well and we may soon be holding an Apple 2017 iPhone that looks like this:

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Multiple rumors suggest that Apple was planning to feature a flexible OLED display in 2017, but following a recent discovery of Apple’s patent on “edge-to-edge” screens, it seems more likely that we’ll get a screen that covers the entire surface of the phone rather than a flexible screen. Along with these rumors we’ve heard that the iPhone 7 might be encased in a glass shell like the iPhone 4 and 4S rather than the aluminum bodies we’ve seen since the iPhone 5. It’s hard to imagine what a cell phone repair on a phone like this might look like but we anticipate more difficulty when it comes to edge to edge screens unless Apple makes it easy to replace these components. Apple is also working on a better touch display which would make sense for screens like the one pictured above. Right now if you’re using an iPhone 6 fore example, you only have a small section of space on the surface of the phone where you’re able to use touch screen functionality. On a large format edge to edge screen, we’re likely to see new touch technology that would help wrap around the front surface of the phone and the sides. The new 10 nanometer A11 chip from TSMC and supplied by Samsung would make touch technology a breeze for a phone like this. As it stands, this next cell phone from Apple could be a game changer for all of us in Schaumburg.


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