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Apple release first new Beats hardware since buying Beats

Earlier this week, Apple terminated Beats music as a foundational music streaming service that is now replaced by Apple Music. Apple is pushing into this Christmas season focusing on audio hardware including a new lineup of headphones and speakers which will tie the Beats brand to Apple more closely. Much of the new Beats Pill+ has already been designed by the Beats team prior to the Apple buyout of Beats half a year ago. So what can you expect to see in the new Beats Pill + for Christmast in 2015?

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  • Wireless playback over Bluetooth (no AirPlay, no auto-pairing)
  • Solid 60+ feet range
  • 12-hour battery life, charges over Lightning Cable like iPhones
  • Shipped with default Fabric carrying bag + lighting cable
  • New Apps for IOS and Android to work as a companion software for Beats
  • Built-in backflap containing a USB port to charge external devices from the Beats Pill + like an iPhone or iPad
  • Available in Black and White
  • Retail price for Beats Pill+ $195
beats pill +

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The Pill+ is a small speaker but the resounding audio quality audio and is much smaller than previous versions of the Beats Pill. Many Apple users are deeply disappointed that there is not more cross compatibility between this device and other Apple products like the iPad but the Beats Pill+ is likely to be viewed as an improvement upon previous generations of this product line. This is the smallest stand-alone speaker offered from Beats by Apple.When looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker, some buyers recommend a product called Soundfreaq Pocket Kick. It’s slightly smaller than an iPhone 6 Plus and has great sound quality, for less than $80 at Target.


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