What do Power Surges do to computers?

Your computer is made up of a lot of powerful electronic parts which have to work on different electric signals to achieve their own maximum performance. It’s probably not what you think about when you power your computer on but most desktop’s have to route 4-5 different kinds of signals throughout the parts in your computer. The part that does this job in your computer is called a power supply. Take a look below and see what happens when you put too much power into your components. This happens during power surges, overheating, or just when your computer parts degrade past their life expectancy. First you can see the small cylinder called a capacitor blowing up. High quality motherboards are made with solid state capacitors that don’t rely on last generation fluids to continue working so they’re more resistant to this type of damage. Next you can see two of the motherboard’s on-board computers blow out and literally catch fire. This type of things actually can happen in your computer during a power surge so make sure to use surge protectors. It’s a good idea to turn off and unplug electronics during stormy weather conditions.

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this is what capacitors look like after they fail (photo credit to deadprogrammer.com

***** If your computer doesn’t work or power on after a storm, come see Zombie Techs immediately. Most cases are not serious but with electrical problems as a result of surges, there really are no guarantees as to how bad the damage can be. Our store data shows that over the last 4 years most of these cases come from Hoffman Estates or south Schaumburg. If your computer won’t power on after a storm, bring it into the shop for a free over the counter inspection.

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