Microsoft attack ads are back

Microsoft attack ads are back and tougher than ever. Part of the reason being because Microsoft’s new Surface tablet is simply amazing. Combining the value of tablets and the power of laptops, this is an extremely versatile machine. Comparing it to the iPad would probably make it tough for Apple to refute, but putting them up against the Macbooks is guaranteed to not only turn heads but improve sales on the part of Microsoft in an area where they badly need it. Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft) just said the other day that you can boil down Apple’s entire presence into one simple statement quoting Tim Cook: That “Apple sells devices.” Microsoft is quickly seeking to gain control over the Cloud Market and rebound in tablets where their performance has previously been bland at best. Consequentially the market has punished Microsoft in the past for weak or undesirable tablets.

It is worth noting one main difference though if you’re in the market for tablet, and that is that while the Microsoft Store is functional, the Mac/Apple store¬†offers a¬†phenomenal new age shopping experience. To invade the space, Microsoft has just dropped the pricing on their products in the iTunes store to a price too competitive to resist.