Replacing a Macbook Pro 13″ Display

macbook pro screen replacement schaumburg

Check out this video of a guy covering the bases on a Macbook LCD Display. He starts by using a heat gun to warm up the adhesive that holds the Apple plexiglass in place over the frame while being careful not to apply too much direct heat at the LCD. LCD’s are pretty durable but you can still destroy them with too much heat if you’re not careful. For that reason, it’s good to take these kind of repairs to a professional. Experience is the best ingredient when it comes to work with heat and electronics. That said, the guy from this YouTube video uses a suction cup in order to get the glass off the top of the screen. Suction cups are great to this end but it can be tricky to get them off. At Zombie Techs Macbook repair in Schaumburg, we use pics, spudgers, and playing cards to wedge the screens open at first. No matter what happens, make sure to keep the plexiglass away from dust particles because it might look horrible later on if the glass gets dirty and you place it back onto the surface. The process is not entirely different if you’re working on iPads. After you get the plexiglass off, you’ll have to work to get the screen out without damaging that small LCD connector in back. It’s super breakable if you’re note careful. Back in 2010 when I got my hands on one of these Macbook Pros for the first time, I ended up ripping the cable. Fortunately the part is pretty cheap and it’s easy to replace if it does get broken. Once you pop in the new LCD and connect it, you’re ready to lay down some new adhesive and pop the plexiglass on. With the plexiglass back on, you’re ready to rock and roll. I highly recommend using something like a small set of camps to keep the macbook closed and in place so that the adhesive has time to re-bond with the surface of that Macbook pro frame.

Macbook pro screen replacement Schaumburg

If you’re looking for macbook pro screen replacement in Schaumburg, call or stop by the Zombie Techs Computer repair store in Schaumburg. Summertime tends to be the busiest time for these types of repairs. If you don’t already have a case for your macbook and you lead an active lifestyle, consider getting one. Macbook Pro cases tend to preserve the macbook internals far better than the aluminum casing of the Macbook Pro itself. They can also shield your machine against shock or impact damage.

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