LTE enabled laptops coming soon

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Remember when we were kids and dreamed of the day that laptops and gadgets would be able to charge up and also connect to internet anywhere on earth without cables? Those distant dreams are closing distance with reality. An article on 9t05mac says that Microsoft just announced 6 major PC manufacturers committed to pushing LTE-capable laptops.

We are collaborating with our ecosystem on a shared vision. This starts with a close partnership at the silicon layer, with Intel and Qualcomm and with our mobile operator partners to provide seamless eSIM connectivity. Microsoft device partners ASUS, HP, Huawei, Lenovo, VAIO, and Xiaomi, are committed to this new category of Always Connected PCs using eSIM technology. In addition, Microsoft announced Always Connected devices will be coming from ASUS, HP, and Lenovo on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. These new devices will feature Windows 10, always-on LTE connectivity and great battery life.

The move by Microsoft is putting a lot of pressure on Apple. Apple has been playing with the idea of having sim-enabled Macbooks for over a decade now but Steve Jobs went on record saying that he rejected the idea because it would complicate the device and he also didn’t want to lock his customers into contracts with any particular carriers. Things look much differently today however as LTE is pumping strong through the air waves and it’s easy to get a month-to-month plan for this kind of technology. The LTE speeds available are about as strong as high speed DSL was back in 2008 and comes in around 2mbps-4mbps/second. Fortunately for us that’s plenty enough speed to get e-mails and view webpages. You could even stream movies on Netflix with those kinds of speeds but you’d have to sacrifice any high quality streaming. The push from Microsoft will change the landscape from laptops and cause LTE embedded technology to become a mainstream standard feature over the next year and going forward into the future.

Do Apple users want LTE-enabled MacBook Pros?

A survey done by the team at 9to5mac shows that 42% of pollers would like the feature to come standard on MacBook Pros and 1/3 of pollers said that they would even be prepared to pay a premium to get it if the technology was available. Users best suited to take advantage of this technology are business person’s who work in the field with their laptops and MacBooks as well as students and traveling businesses/artists.

Remember that time Apple released a Macbook with only 1 USB port?

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