Facebook’s new “Lightning Icon”

Facebook is a growing platform for sharing news, pictures, videos, and other content. Unfortunately, the internet can be a tough place to exist if you’re a floating box of information. As the webpage content flooding into Facebook becomes bigger, bulkier, and more time-consuming to download, the team at Facebook had to come up with solutions to keep they’re audiences engaged. The little “lightning icon” that you see now at the top of various news articles is a signal that Facebook is hard at work.

After clicking on an article that features this icon, you’ll notice that you get rapidly dropped into an article and that by clicking on the link, you don’t go to some other Facebook page or news website. According to Addictive Tips This new feature is called “Facebook Instant” and you’ll see it more and more as the days go by. Facebook Instant is Facebook’s way of making sure that you can jump quickly in and out of articles without having to jump all over the internet to get a hold of the different content types they now broadcast. One of the criticisms against Facebook instant is that it’s not available to everyone. In fact, Facebook selectively chooses which publishers can take advantage of their software for now.

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