The iPhone 7 will have no headphone jack

Yes it’s true, the iPhone 7 will not be featuring a headphone jack. We’ve made numerous reports about the subject so far as we eagerly anticipate the release of the iPhone 7. So what will the future look like with out our trusty 3.5mm jack technology?

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3.5mm headphone jack (going extinct)

The future of headphone audio is the lightning port.

Apple wants manufacturers to stand behind them in creating a digital music interface that will work off of the lightning port on your iPhone and other devices. Such a bold move would neutralized the iPhones ability to work with old headphones and reflexively prevent lightning headphones from working with other types of cell phones and smartphones. Is this a smart move by Apple? We’re waiting to be surprised at this point because nobody that I’ve spoken to feels like this would be a good decision. When our clients are asked by us, clients seem to think that removing the 3.5mm headphone jack would actually create more harm than good and limit the cell phone’s compatibility around the world. Maybe they’ll make the iPhone 7 easier to repair than the last one.

The lighting port is where you’ll plug in headphones for the iPhone 7 (seen here)

Other solutions to this headphone problem?

I’m glad you asked. Other alternatives to the disappearance of this audio port include wireless or Bluetooth headphones. The technology for Bluetooth headphones already exists but the primary reason that Bluetooth headphones are not popular is due to the fact that they produce terrible audio quality. The best Bluetooth headphones for cell phones are the type that are over the ear (circum-aural) because they have larger batteries and can produce a better audio experience. But earbuds (the most widely used type of headphones) are abysmal when it comes to Bluetooth. The last time I bought a set of Bluetooth earbuds I paid about $250 for a nice set that I can use in the gym and returned it 1.5 days later. In addition to that I can’t say that I felt terribly safe running around with two little bio-hazards in my ears. Will history remember this move to Bluetooth and lightning headphones as a disaster? We don’t know yet, but I can point to one thing: Beats by Apple offers 2-day shipping on wireless headphones.

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