Light-Based Storage technology is the future

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Light-Based Storage Technology

We found an article on discussing light-based storage technology and based on what we’ve seen so far, it looks pretty clear that this technology will overtake flash media and the archaic mechanical disks we’ve been using for years. They say the chips are light-based circuits and can permanently store data. Existing technologies are limited by heat and and the resistance of molecular collisions. Light-based circuits are immune to those stated problems. Light based circuits are currently using an alloy made of germanium, tellurium, and antimony that changes when it’s hit with a laser emission to retain it’s data. The prototypes developed by IBM are already on par with their existing flash media counterparts. The technology necessary to mass produce this lightly tested circuitry is still extremely expensive in comparative terms to say a Samsung SSD. The realities are that your computer’s historic bottle neck since inception is the hard disk. In car terms, all of your other computer parts like the processor or memory operate like a Lamborghini where as even the fastest hard disk operates with the strength and mobility of a train… and we’re talking Amtrak just to be clear, not some hyper-loop ULEV Japanese future trains. The bottlenecks that exist around hard drive technology are as serious for the computer world as alternative energy is for the real world.

A nano-photonics chip developed by IBM Research

A nano-photonics chip developed by IBM Research


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