Leaked iPhone 8 screen protector

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New images surfaced Monday morning from Chinese social networking site Weibo and later revealed by macrumors, shows a new tempered glass screen protector made for the yet unreleased iPhone 8 with 5.8″ display. The screen protector is the first we’ve seen this close to production time on the iPhone 8 and it confirms rumors that we’ve written about in previous articles that the iPhone 8 will feature a full glass display on the front without a home button. The front glass display is supposedly full engaged in biometric authentication too so it can read your thumbprint and unlock the phone regardless of where your thumb is placed on the front of the glass. The noticeably thin screen protector features cutouts for the from camera, ambient light sensor, and proximity sensor, and a mysterious 4th sensor which has not yet been reported on. Based on speculation and rumors around the internet, we believe this 4th cutout may be a 3D sensing module that will come standard on iPhone 8.

Whats the purpose of a 3D sensor module?

Well, if you’re paranoid about privacy, this will make sure you don’t sleep anymore. Rumors on the internet are circulating that the iPhone 8 is going to be using 3d sensor technology to use facial recognition to unlock your phone. Check the videos below for more evidence of 3D sensor technology. In fact, if you didn’t already know, your iPhone already has facial recognition enabled by default on your pictures library. When you click on your photos app within iOS, you’ll find an album titled “People” where the on-board deep learning system categorizes photos you have on your phone by recognizing the faces of people you have on your phone. A 3D sensor will enhance this deep learning system so that it cannot be tricked by 2D photos and so that it can study the nuances of your face to better identify it in 3D.

Key iPhone camera lens provider Largan Precision on Wednesday confirmed it would ship lenses for 3-D sensing modules in the second half of this year, according to the company’s chief executive.

“We will have lenses for 3-D sensing [module used in smartphone] ready to ship in the second half this year,” said Adam Lin, Largan’s chief executive in a press conference after the company’s annual general meeting.

Based on an article from macrumors.com

How will 3D sensors affect the pricing of the iPhone 8?

Given that an unprecedented amount of attention has been placed on the iPhone’s new look and new screen, we full expect replacement screens for cracked iPhones to be extremely expensive at the outset of the new iPhone. Though Apple does not cover cracked screen replacement damage with the built in 1 year manufacturer warranty, they will cover you under Apple care if you choose to pay. When new iPhone’s are released, we tend to see the same trend over and over again where the screen or LCD prices are around $400+ for the first week that the iPhone is released. By the next major holiday the screen prices take a dive to get under $200 and eventually by Easter they’re closer to $100 per unit. What consumers should be aware of is that over the last few years, given the ever increasing value of OEM iPhone screens, small companies have opened up all over America to provide computer and cell phone repair shops with refurbished or 2nd hand screens. It’s possible now to get a machine that would allow you to refurbish all major smartphone LCDs. This years iPhone release is going to be different however. Prices are being thrown around online that the iPhone 8 could easily cost $1000 or more even with a contract or plan. The screen’s are also supposed to be OLED and they’ll be the first release of a brand new technology and pattern by LG which will also start showing up in Samsung phones for upcoming releases. We expect this to drive the price of screens way up for both manufacturers.

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