Leaked Schematics of the iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is still a few months out from release, but reports have surfaced recently that show schematics for the new iPhone 7 and we’re finally getting a taste. Take a look below:

iPhone 7 Schematics

iPhone 7 Schematics

What’s new with the iPhone 7?

The schematics taht we found on 9to5mac.com reveal that the iPhone 7 will use the exact same dimensions as the iPhone 6 series of phones as far as width is concerned. Rumors have also been fluttering around the web that the iPhone 7 will now had a touch sensitive home button and it will be dust and waterproof as well. Though we cannot confirm those things based on this schematic, it’s clear to see that Apple has dropped the 3.5mm headphone jack which we’ve reported about for months now. In addition to that, they’ve made some room for the phone’s back camera where Apple is reportedly going to feature it’s first ever “dual-camera” setup. The idea is that the iPhone 7 will have two cameras that allow for multiple ways to record at the same time and far better picture clarity.

Why are there 3 Dots on the back of the phone?

Those 3 dots on the back of the phone are indentations for Apple’s new “Smart Connector” which we heard about last month. This connector would allow for a whole world of innovation for improved battery cases, docking stations & stands, and more. You can see an image of what that might look like based on this leaked photo of the iPhone 7. We will keep you posted as more news develops and as pictures continue to surface of the new iPhone 7. Don’t forget to use Zombie Techs Computer and cell phone repair in Schaumburg for all of your iPhone repair needs.

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