Will the new FBI Director make your iPhone Hackable?

In light of the recent firing of FBI Director James Comey, Apple enthusiasts around the world are very concerned that the next FBI Director will be seeking a “backdoor key” for getting into hundreds of millions of iPhones. Before James Comey was in the news recently over his firing by President Donald Trump, he was most well-recognized for testifying on behalf of the FBI in trying to get Apple to write a back door code to allow them to get into people’s iPhones. Specifically they FBI wanted to get into the iPhone of the terrorist couple who shot up San Bernardino last year, but undoubtedly the tool would open “hundreds of millions of locks” as it was said by Apple CEO Tim Cook in an interview found below. If you recall how the story turned out, the FBI ended up finding a way to crack into that iPhone.

How did the FBI crack into that iPhone?

If you remember about a year ago Apple was in court with the FBI over the matter, and half way through the hearing, the FBI no longer needed Apple’s assistance.

Why? Because the FBI found a way to circumvent the iPhone’s security and encryption systems to hack the phone without Apple’s help. How? It paid private hackers more than $1 million dollars to get into the phone.

James Comey iPhone hacking

ex-FBI Direct Comey on iPhone Hacking

writes Adam Banner from the Huffington Post (source). The main story can be found on CNN Politics where they write about the FBI paying more than 1 million dollars to an Israeli company that was able to hack into the phone and unlock Syed Farook’s iPhone. In other words, the FBI did not have the tools on their own to get into the iPhone, let alone the aspect of privacy and legality, but they were able to acquire the means to get into the phone through this Israeli company. Comey added that the event of going to court over the iPhone privacy matter also opened up a dark market (or “stimulated a bit of marketplace around the world” as he put it) for the buying and selling of new iPhone hacking technology “which didn’t exist before then.” Lastly the article details that the FBI purchased the hacking tool from this unnamed Israeli company but said they had no plans to scale it up to other Apple devices due to the costs involved. Though it still remains unclear if the tool would help them hack into more iPhones and how many iPhones they may be able to access that tool with. We know for a fact that they could use the tool to access an iPhone 5C running iOS9. Now that the FBI direct James Comey has been fired, there are vast concerns on how his replacement will feel about the ability to backdoor into iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks.

How can I protect my e-mail from hacking and backdoors on iPhone?

We wrote an article on March 18th regarding protecting your mail that was recommended by Edward Snowden who famously disclosed the means by which the NSA is capturing data on it’s own citizens.