iPod Touch

iPod Repair in Schaumburg

iphone repair in schaumburgiPods are great and have changed the digital landscape forever. However, it’s no fun to walk around with a broken screen or broken phone jack. Don’t worry however because we fix iPod and iPod touches at our store location in Schaumburg, IL. These small devices suffer from a wide range of problems but we’ve ┬áseen pretty much all of them. Below is a list of common problems that iPod touches suffer from. It’s important to know that we stock most of the parts to be able to complete these repairs.

  • iPod Touch front screen glass and LCD
  • headphone jack
  • iPod on/off button damage
  • Volume button and cables
  • Wifi failures
  • Water damage

Though no 3rd party computer or electronics repair shop in the country has direct access to exact Apple replacement screens, we use nearly identical products that look, feel, and are manufactured identically to the products Apple carries. There is no implied warranty or guarantee with water damage repairs.