Virus Removals on an iPhone?

Hopefully not any time soon. I mean besides the usual NSA stories you hear about all the time now on the web, can your iPhone really get infected? Yes says the hundreds of developers who are creating free and subscription based versions of their Anti-Virus software custom tailored to iPhones and Apple Devices. Seems legit right? Apple doesn’t seem to think so. In fact just yesterday Apple started cracking down and barring anti-virus apps from appearing on the Apple Store because they believed the software’s presence was misleading regarding the fact that Apple iPhones can get viruses at all. As a result, several apps went down including Virus Barrier which had a 4 year run on the Apple store before being removed by the CEO of it’s own company mandated by Apple.

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Recourse for Anti Virus software for Apple?

Not much I’m afraid. If Apple deems your software unworthy or doesn’t like the wording used within your application, they’ll pull the plug on your software. Of course theyll notify the developers first and give them the option to pull it down but what does this say about the practices of Apple? While the CEO of Virus Barrier says it won’t really financially hurt the company it points to a wider crack down on Anti-Virus software for Apple Products. So keep your eyes open.