iphone repair schaumburg

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The new 4-inch iPhone repair in Schaumburg

Though the news is not official yet, rumors have been moving around the internet for weeks about a new iPhone brought up in a China Mobile conference that indicates a brand new and more powerful iPhone Mini that will be only 4 inches in size. As the story goes, China Mobile is preparing for an April release of a new Apple phone whose name is not yet confirmed (see image below, courtesy of Macrumors.com). Based on an article from MyDrivers, the suggested name for this device will be the iPhone 7C but technicians, fanboys, and investors alike are skeptical that Apple would call this product “the iPhone 7C” ahead of their release of the iPhone 7. To be clear the iPhone 7 is still very well under wraps and leaks are very slow to appear on the web. We’re excited as ever to see how the iPhone 7 will unfold and what it will offer to the community of iPhone repair Schaumburg. In all likelihood, Apple may go with the name “iPhone 6C” and release it in April ahead of the iPhone 7 premier. The new 4 inch iPhone is rumored to feature aluminum casing with at least 3 color varieties and a curved edge glass just like the iPhone 6 models. It may also feature the powerful A9 CPU that debuted with the iPhone 6S and it is highly possible that Apple will also bring over their highly successful 8 megapixel camera which has been making waves since it’s debut with the last iPhone. It is widely believed that if this rumor is true that Apple will be going after the segment of the market which prefers small and light phones as opposed to the current trends regarding making the phone screens larger. Generally speaking Apple sells more of their iPhone 6+ and iPhone 6S+ overseas in Asian markets where the larger screens are more desired by consumers. At Zombie Techs we’re eager to get our hands on information leading to this new iPhone repair so we can pass on the benefits of that knowledge to our customers in Schaumburg.

iphone repair schaumburg

image taken from Macrumors.com

How does this rumor affect iPhone repair in Schaumburg?

As more and more iPhones are being sold in the United States, we’re finding the complexity of these little wireless devices to be climbing in difficulty with each new release. The chip sizes for the last iPhones are also the largest we’ve ever seen in an Apple phone until now which is good from the standpoint of power that it gives the user but bad for the engineers who have to fit all these components inside of an iPhone. At Zombie Techs we’re always increasing our repair knowledge around wireless devices for the sake of being able to take on more complicated repairs. There’s so many iPhone and other smartphones that end up in landfills because nobody has the solutions or abilities to fix them after they break and the manufacturers who you buy from would just have you spend the money again and buy a new phone. At Zombie Techs our mission is to give you hope when your technology breaks down because in many cases, we can bring your iPhone or smart phone back to life. With new and smaller phones coming out, it’s hard to say what the repairs will look like until we get our hands on something like this and if Apple continues to incorporate technology for biometric locks like the finger-print passcode lock that we saw on the iPhone 6S and new iPads, it could be very difficult to repair these devices going forward. As the trends in consumer electronics repairs develop, we’ll keep you posted as always with all the latest news and blog posts. Stay tuned for more on iPhone repair in Schaumburg. Check out some of the lengths people have to go through just to perform a chip replacement on an iPhone 6: