iPhone 8 shatters over and over again during tests

Apple says the new glass developed by Corning for its new iPhone 8 is the most durable glass ever used in a smartphone. I can’t believe my keyboard didn’t burst into flames after I wrote that.

This video was made by SquareTrade which offers extended warranties for consumer electronics. They’ve taken the time to evaluate for themselves exactly how “durable” this new glass-bodied phone will be so that they can evaluate the likelihood of how often people’s phones will break and get replaced/repaired by their warranty. As you’ve seen above, the results speak for themselves. Most basic tests resulted in hairline cracks, chips, and deep fractures that would make the touch screen useless and the compromise the view-ability of the screen beyond redemption. A six foot drop in many tests left the phone’s front glass shattered and loosened from the assembly. A 22-mph catapult launch resulted in corner dings, hairline cracks on the screen, and edge cracks. But the 60 second tumble test resulted in almost a complete disassembly of the device. The video ends saying that the iPhone 8 cracks on all sides with the first drop…. ouch!

Additional drop tests for the iPhone 8.

This is a pretty informative drop test on the iPhone 8 which includes the use of some cases that concentrates on drop tests that were waist high. He goes on to say that a lot of the innards of the iPhone 8 has metal backing under the frame all over the back that would help reinforce the phone should it drop. However, there’s a hollow point toward the center of the phone on the back side that would result in a high possibility of breakage because of the lack of support behind the glass. In the first drop test, both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 in a case left essentially unscathed. The second test resulted in dings on the corners and for the unprotected phone while the protected phone appeared completely undamaged. The 3rd test at waist height also proved that the phones were durable. But when the unprotected phone was dropped from waist height on its side, the unprotected phone developed a massive fracture going all the way through the home button. Furthermore, in the 5th test which saw the phones dropped from chest height, the unprotected Apple was damaged in the front and the back. Needless to say, the protected case still had no damage, even when dropped from 8-9 feet up.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7 drop test.

We can’t stop laughing about the fact that Apple says this is the most durable glass used in a smartphone ever. Here’s a video that shows the iPhone 8 in drop tests vs the iPhone 7 in drop tests. In the first 5 foot drop, the iPhone 7 picked up some dings but most of the damage was hardly noticeable on the back of the aluminum iPhone 7 Plus. When the iPhone 8 was dropped from 5 foot height, the back glass looked like the surface of the moon. It literally looked like a house window after a successful break-in. Next he drops the iPhone 7 Plus on it’s side and the metal backing picked up some more dings. The iPhone 8 Plus, falling on it’s side in the same test, finished off what was left of the back glass and left some new chips and cracks on the front side as well. Fortunately both phones still work at this point. The last and final test was a “front-facing” drop test which is basically a nightmare scenario for any phone user. Just watching this part of the video made us cringe and caused some sleep loss. As expected, the iPhone 7 Plus glass was totally ruined after the front drop test. The iPhone 8 front glass also got destroyed in the front test. The video goes on to compare which iPhone suffered more from the front face drop. As far as things go, the iPhone 8 Plus didn’t look quite as bad as the iPhone 7 Plus, but here we are talking about which phone LCD was damaged worse in a front face drop.

Drop tests are semi-reliable ways to test the strength of glass but we do these tests and comparisons because they matter. We, as users, rely on the integrity of the glass on our phones in order to interact with them throughout their life spans and also to get a good value from our phones when it’s time to turn them in and pick up newer model iPhones. It’s hard to conclude that this is the MOST durable glass ever to be used on a smartphone but it does seem that the iPhone 8 does hold out just a little bit better than it’s competitors or legacy models in these drop tests. For that however, you have to now worry about the back of your phone as it’s covered in glass and gives you twice the risk or cost if both sides get damaged.

iPhone Cracked Glass repair pricing.

Apple is a good company that cares, so if you buy an AppleCare+ warranty at $129 or $149, then Apple just charges you $29 for the replacement of a broken display. But a broken glass body will set you back an additional $99 falling under the category of “other damage.” These AppleCare+ plans supposedly cover two incidences of accidental damage. If you try taking this to Apple without an AppleCare+ plan, they will probably look at you funny and tell you $169 for the cost of the front screen and $399 for the cost of the body. Ouch!

iPhone Cracked Glass Repair near you.

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