The iPhone 7 is rumored have no headphone jack

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A month ago we reported on a tip that the iPhone 7 (which is still under development) is rumored to be lacking a headphone jack. In place of the headphone jack, a new market of headphones is supposed to open up that will feature a lightning cable attachment instead. We’re led to believe right now that Apple wants the market to convert to wireless headphones powered by Bluetooth or wireless speakers (both of which are available in the new Beats by Apple family or products). The most obvious downside to this design is that all of us consumers will be missing out on the last 40 years of headphone technology that we’ve become used to. Today an article on points to a Chinese website that claims these surfacing rumors are indeed true.


A lot of wireless headphones and headsets these days have their own power sources or batteries so they’re not likely to deplete the iPhone 7 ¬†battery if in fact those headphones will be connecting through the lighting port on the iPhone 7. In addition to that, we can expect digital transmission of audio which will make for clearer and more crisp audio playback. Right now, the 3.5mm jack headphones use analog technology (just like an old VCR) which means that as you increase volume, the sound quality becomes more and more distorted.


Some of the most obvious disadvantages are remarkably striking. The first that comes to mind is the fact that you may not be able to plug in a headphone and charging cable at the same time in this device. While the iPhone 7 is rumored to include wireless charging technology, lightning cable charging is still considerably faster than it’s wireless counter-part. Another disadvantage is that new headphones working off of the lightning cable could significantly drain the already strapped-for-power iPhone battery. iPhones have never been known for their long battery life. By forcing users to plug in headphones which eat up more battery power or making users turn on Bluetooth functions in order to enjoy sounds, Apple could really hurt the customer’s experience. There are other disadvantages as well. The lightning cable features a flat head, and taking a flat-style headset on could result in the quick deterioration of the charging port or the headphone cable itself. Imagine running at the gym with a flat cord connected to your phone instead of the round one’s we’re used to. There are more problems with Bluetooth technology that could affect the way we enjoy our music. Among those problems is the fact that Bluetooth technology does not track very well resulting in constant disconnections and gaps during the playback experience. Some apps will even pause the music or video if such a gap occurs, which means you’ll be constantly checking your phone and hitting the play button. In addition, the Bluetooth quality tends to score lower than existing 3.5mm headphones on the market (especially where premium products like Sennheiser are concerned). Audiophiles are likely to reject the changes if these rumors are true.

How is this knowledge being received?

The feeling among consumers right now is that people are very intimidated by these changes. While the iPhone 7 is still shrouded in rumors, this is the 4th time claims have been made that the 3.5mm headphone jack will not appear in the iPhone 7. In the repair community, technicians are of the opinion that the iPhone 7 will see an unprecedented amount of charging port repairs. As we saw in the case of cheaply made accessories for the iPhone 4 family of phones, it is likely too that accessory manufacturers will cut corners on production and develop cheap plug ends that could break off while plugged in causing a small piece to get stuck within the iPhone. Technicians fear these types of repairs because the outcome can be unpredictable depending on how bad the piece gets stuck.

How true are the rumors?

If seeing is believing, you’ll want to take a look at this.

Phillips Fidelio

Phillips Fidelio Headphones

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Phillips Fidelio Headphones

These images are found on the Phillips website and prove that they have a lightning connector based set of premium headphones. That said, the rumors are looking more and more likely each day to be true. As always we will keep an eye on these developing technologies that affect our wonderful wireless consumer world and keep you posted on our blog. Stay tuned for all the inside details and rumors regarding upcoming changes to wireless devices and keep Zombie Techs in mind for your next computer and cell phone repair in Schaumburg. We perform cracked iPhone screen replacement in Schaumburg as well as a number of iPhone and Apple product related services.

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