iPhone 7 Rumors

Earlier this year we reported on a tip that we found online about the iPhone 7 getting a dual-camera set up instead of a single camera like we have seen in the iPhone 6 family of smartphones. The dual-camera option is valuable for a number of reasons. Most importantly the dual-camera setup will allow for approximately 5x optical zoom from a smartphone. This is a huge feat considering that unlike most digital cameras, the iPhone will not have any moving parts. In addition to that, the dual-camera set up allows for much higher clarity in short and far distances. The iPhone 7 is expected to have lots of cool software come with it out of the box that will help users connect with this new way of taking photos and videos. Here’s an explanation on how dual-camera set ups work compared to an iPhone 6.

Dual-Camera functionality on the iPhone 7

Apple’s patent allows for an interesting new take on the world of smartphone photography. Below is an explanation of what that might look like in video recording application. It’s possible that you might be able to use each of the cameras in the dual-camera set up for slightly different functions. In the video below you can see how a dual-camera set up might benefit you while taking in video of dogs playing at a distance. Be sure to check out the cool playback features that would be likely to affect the world of smartphone apps like Vine, Instagram, and Facebook.

Are dual-cameras the future for smartphones?

You’ve seen what dual-cameras can do and some of the main benefits. Will other smartphone manufacturers follow suit and try to get dual-camera set ups for their phones as well? How might an upgrade like this affect your virtual reality? Based on a report at expandedramblings.com, the estimated number of Instagram users in the United States is 77.6 million. With a total population of 318 million based on the last census, that means about 20% of Americans are currently using Instagram, and they’re using it on a daily basis. The market for smartphone photography has never been more alive than it is today.

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