The iPhone 7 is going will have 4 speakers?

If what we’ve seen today is true, the iPhone 7 will have 2 speakers on the bottom of the phone and 2 on top. These pictures come from a french blog actually but this information comes to you based on an article found online at There we found these leaked images of a purported iPhone 7 frame and it appears to have cutouts for speakers both on the top and bottom of the phone(see pictures below). So why is this important? If they’re real, we know that Apple is really holding onto their commitment to the music industry and this iPhone is going to be an extraordinary multi-media tool. By now, we’ve all heard the stories about Apple buying out Beats by Dre (now aptly named Beats by Apple). But what has Apple done with Beats since they acquired the brand? The main thing to note is that the Beats Pill got a huge upgrade in it’s last revision, delivering higher quality audio and producing louder & fuller sound from a very small electronic device. We also know that Apple has been rumored to ditch the ear phone jack. If the iPhone 7 is going to get 4 total speakers, we could see Beats quality audio out of this little iPhone 7. As for headphone audio, you’ll soon be able to plug headphones into your lightning port on the iPhone. In fact Phillips already offers a digital headset that plugs into your lightning port. The 4 external speakers means we could also see legitimately high range audio on your iPhone’s speaker mode. It also means that Apple could be using the extra speakers to include newer technologies like noise cancellation or digital enhancement. Apple has done an outstanding job with miniaturizing popular electronics and featuring them into the iPhone. This could be era of truly hi-definition audio making it’s foray into the smartphone world. There is one thing I should mention that was disturbing. For every iPhone 7 rumor that’s out there, there are 2 that indicate the possibility of a double camera system. That double camera system however is much larger than what would fit into the little camera hole/port on this iPhone 7 template. So could we be looking at a fake?

iPhone-7-Prototype Italian

iPhone-7-Prototype Italian 02

iPhone-7-Prototype Italian 03

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