What is the iPhone 7 going to look like?

The iPhone 6 and 6S were a massive success and historic for Apple as a company but in terms of that magical “ooh ahh” reaction you might get from seeing a new phone, the iPhone 6S is considered a major let down. The best features of the iPhones 6S is are the extremely laptop processor and the amazing camera with HDR technology. So how does Apple raise the bar for their next iPhone?

Synaptics is sending display driver chips to Apple

If you don’t know who Synaptics is or what they do, just remember the track pads you’re using on your laptops for the last 12 years. They write the technology that makes all of that work and in part are responsible for the production of hardware that goes into track-pads. So are we going to see track pads on a new iPhone 7? The answer is likely no, but one thing Apple has been talking about is a phone with a full surface touch screen and as technology evolves, biometric validation. (found at Macrumors)

iPhone 7 concept

iPhone 7 Concept by Martin Hajek

In the picture above you can see a full surface touch screen which means more virtual real estate for your icons, bookmarks, and apps. Graphics technologies are coming a long way but one of the most exciting areas in touchscreen technology is reactive surfaces. Take a look below to get an idea of what might be coming to smartphones a few years from now on:

Should the iPhone 7 have a full surface glass display, it would be prudent for Apple in terms of repairs. A single glass piece is easy to replace and regrettably the most damaged single component when iPhones are concerned. In other words they have to make the glass and LCD in a way that’s cheap and effective. That’s one of the greatest flaws in my opinion when it comes to Samsung phones. Realistically Zombie Techs has been repairing smartphones for 5 years and over that time Samsungs have had the highest barriers in terms of cost and parts availability for repair. Naturally this frustrates a lot of clients but that may have something to do with the fact that for every 1 Samsung phone sold in the US, 4 iPhones are sold.

The only problem with the iPhone 7 right now is that T-Pain ruined our expectations and we’re all waiting for the 5 o’clock in the morning phone. Go to 4:36 to save yourself the trouble.

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