iPhone 7 Plus Dual-Lens Camera

KGI Securities has come up with some new information regarding the iPhone 7 Plus. It turns out Apple is working on two different 5.5″ versions of the phone and it’s likely that at least one of the designs will have dual-lens camera system built-in following the purchase of Linx (an Israeli company that makes dual camera imaging systems possible). The design could revolutionize the way we view handheld smartphone cameras forever.

linx imaging cameras

What is a dual-lens camera?

Dual lens cameras are good for a number of different features. They allow the possibility of recording in 3D, they offer better low level lighting photo opportunities, and they allow us to take photographs in greater detail.

linx imaging photos

Last year, LinX announced the launch of miniature multi-aperture cameras half the height of standard mobile cameras with the ability to create “stunning color images and high accuracy depth maps” for SLR image quality without the bulk of an SLR camera.

Taken from Macrumors.com

Major improvements in camera quality for iPhone have typically appeared in the “S” series of phones. It’s possible that we’re reaching too far into the future and this article could preview the showcase for the undeveloped iPhone 7S. Time will tell. There is already a negative flow of feedback in online comments and journals over the feature being limited to the larger screened iPhone. We have to wait and see what Apple can show us in their upcoming iPhone 7 and 7PLUS.

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