Need an iPhone 6 screen repair?

You’ve come to the right place. Prices have been all over the map for most computer and cell phone shops in the Chicagoland area but the prices at Zombie Techs are currently stable (and the most affordable in town). Where others are charging $149.99 and up for iPhone 6 screen replacement, Zombie Techs is currently offering $119.99 because we bought a huge stock of screens earlier this year. Backed by our satisfaction guarantee, there’s no reason not to fix it unless you’re thinking about upgrading in the coming weeks when the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S+ debut. We’ll have those parts soon as well.

What to know about iPhone 6 screen repair.

Do not try to do this yourself. Included in this article is a video that describes the process that some people have tried to repair and iPhone 6 (even locally in the NW burbs). Performing an iPhone 6 screen replacement can be really easy if you buy the whole assembly and pay for a professional to install it. Beware of shops or guys on craigslist that say they’ll do your iPhone in 15 minutes, a lot of these places don’t actually back the original cables or shields and clamps the way they’re supposed to be installed just to save themselves a little bit of time. What you don’t know is that in less than a year your phone could start acting strangely just from you bumping it all day or keeping it in your pocket for example. At Zombie Techs our promise is to put back all the insides the right way so that you don’t have seemingly random problems popping up out of nowhere 6-8 months after repair.

  • Disclaimer: don’t attempt the type of iPhone 6 screen replacement that you see the in the video above, even our most experienced technicians have a tough time with this method (because of how fragile the parts are). Instead Zombie Techs will replace the whole screen assembly for you to get a good sturdy fit so that your phone feels and behaves like new again.

Keep us in mind for computers too, we’re selling back and trading more laptops, macbooks, and iPhones than ever before. For all your computer repair needs, think of Zombie Techs computer repair in Schaumburg.