iphone 6 sales

iPhone 6 Sales are higher any previous phone sale

The iPhone 6 has been adopted at an alarming rate. In fact it goes without saying that based off of the numbers sold, it is an unprecedented and record breaking success for the company. What encourages people to buy new iPhones? I personally suspect that it is the fact that everybody who is an existing iPhone user and is happy with their configuration, will stay true to the brand rather than exploring territory with android phones. Because Apple is the only manufacturer that can take advantage of iOS, it also means that your product is being backed from all angles by the original manufacturer from top to bottom. Although Android deserves a lot of respect and is certainly a great contender, their base is populated by a wide variety of phones using the same operating system. Really what’s at stake is not the phone itself, but the experience the phone gives the user in terms of interacting with the operating system. Just the same way that you probably don’t care what computer you use to work, so long as it allows you to accomplish what you need to do within it’s framework environment (like Mac OSX or Windows by Microsoft).

Does the phone really matter?

The overall answer is no. Where things really come to light is in consideration of the App markets on both sides. This fundamental distinction is really the only point of difference between Android fans and Apple fans and there’s no point in arguing which is superior because the ecosystems on both sides have become so overwhelmingly large that there is something for everybody. What it comes down to is which ecosystem you prefer to be in more, or rather which ecosystem better suits your needs. For somebody like me, the answer is easy: I use my iPhone to run my storefront. There are so many well thought out apps at my disposal that I can cut down my efforts and obtain critical decision making info at my disposal. What really seals the deal for me is how easy it is to access my information and that seems to be the ultimate focus of most Apps for phones these days. Furthermore Apple has given me options to unify my information and resources across platforms like computers, tablets, and servers all in conjunction with my iPhone. This is an area that 5 years ago was dominated by Microsoft but because of the heavy emphasis on synchronicity within Apple’s design goals, they have largely influenced the space and gained a lot of consumer conversions to make their brand popular. Android has many of the same tools and some are even more sophisticated than what is available for Apple. But there is something to be said for the sheer simplicity, ease of use, and refinement that Apple family products offer which are in many ways more advantageous to the user. In the end though, it really comes down to the user’s preference and how they feel operating within their environment.

How are the sales of iPhone 6 different from the iPhone 5 or 5S?

I borrowed this graph from 9to5 mac to demonstrate the relationship between the phone sales.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.42.57The graph demonstrates how many iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were adopted vs the initial sales of the iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c. You’ll see that within 17 days the patterns all appear to look the same for release, but the iPhone 6 4.7″ vastly outperforms it’s predecessors. The combined shares of the iPhone 5 series phones accounted for a 3% growth in terms of the previous launch numbers. The same sales signals and indicators for the iPhone 6 4.7″ account for nearly 4% on it’s own even without the iPhone 6 Plus. Total the combined rate is actually closer to 6% which doubles the combined performance of the previous initial sales performance¬†of the 5 series iPhones.

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